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Slots gambling has come a long way

By mr-gambling on 2013-11-15 09:28:04

Any examination of the history of gambling will prove that gambling has been part of our existence for hundreds if not thousands of years. Many of our well known casino games have their roots in gambling games played many hundreds of years ago, and sports gambling certainly existed back in the era of the Roman Empire, with betting a significant part of contests held in the arenas. Gambling on horse racing in particular was as popular then as it is today. There was of course no football, and the range of sports we focus our sports gambling activities on today is far greater than it has ever been, particularly since the introduction of online sports gambling. The same can of course be said of the gambling games we can now play at our online casinos, and although the traditional casino games are still as popular as ever the biggest modern innovation is the slots. As far as we are aware there was no equivalent form of gambling before the penny slots were introduced in the nineteenth century. Since then of course gambling on what we still call ‘slots’ has developed considerably in line with new technology. The term ‘slots’ was originally coined from the design of those first machines some of us are old enough to remember from the arcades often found on seaside piers, and although the modern versions bear no comparison to those simple mechanical slot machines the name has stuck. There is no doubt that slots gambling has come a long way since those early days, not only with the more complicated machines we now find in our pubs and clubs but online casino gambling has brought us an explosion of slots gambling games beyond anything we have seen before. The simplicity and instant satisfaction of gambling on slots has however been retained and they remain one of our most popular forms of gambling.