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Sic Bo is a great dice gambling game

By mr-gambling on 2014-08-16 15:37:46

Gambling games come in all shapes and sizes and online casinos have most of them but some are less popular than others mainly because they are less well known. Everybody knows about the casino gambling games of roulette and blackjack but how about the Chinese dice game of Sic Bo which can be found in the games section or possibly the dice games section of the online casino. Gambling on Sic Bo is very simple although at first glance the table layout does look a bit complicated but that is because all the possible bets are there. Sic Bo gambling is nothing more than predicting the outcome of three dice and you can place bets from a simple high or low right though to three of a kind of a specific number and the more unlikely the result to occur, the better are the odds so for example a high or low bet when gambling on sic bo pays at 1:1 but if a specific treble comes up it is 180:1. When gambling on sic bo you can also bet on a particular total of the three dice coming up and again the odds will vary depending on the number so for example a total of 4 is quite difficult to achieve so the odds are 60:1 but a total of 11 or 12 is quite common so the odds are reduced to 6:1. Another popular bet when gambling on sic bo is for one number (1 thru 6) to appear on the dice and the advantage of this bet is that if that number appears on one of the dice it pays at 1:1, on two dice at 2:1 and on all three dice at 3:1. Gambling on sic bo really is great fun and makes a change from the more common casino games.