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Sic Bo gambling is an ususual dice game

By mr-gambling on 2013-12-19 15:02:30

Looking for an online gambling game that is a bit different but still requires no skill to play? Then try the ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo. Sic Bo gambling uses three dice and the game is simply a question of gambling on the result of the three dice. The board which is used for sic bo gambling does at first glance seem a little bit complicated but you will soon get used to it; it is only complicated because all the possible bets have a separate space on which to place your bets so you can gamble on the sum of the three dice from 4 to 17 (we shall tell you about 3 and 18 in a minute) or simply a large total or a small total which is a bit like roulette gambling. Other online sic bo bets include whether a particular three of a kind will come up or simply any three of a kind which is why in sic bo gambling 3 and 18 are not totals you can bet on as they are three of a kind. This is an interesting feature of gambling on sic bo that you cannot win in two places on the board with a single result so 18 which is only obtainable with three sixes does not pay out as a large number. Other gambling opportunities include pairs either as a specific pair or any pair or one of the favourites is to gamble on a particular number appearing on the dice which means one through six. The good thing about this bet is that the more of a particular number that appear on the three dice the more you win. Sic Bo gambling really is very simple and you can play a high risk high reward strategy or a low risk low reward strategy according to how lucky you feel.