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Scratch cards bring gambling to all

By mr-gambling on 2011-09-05 13:11:42

Whenever you visit a National Lottery retail outlet it is very clear that scratch cards have become one of the most popular forms of gambling, with customers from all age groups and all backgrounds. Since their introduction in 1987, the range of scratch cards has increased dramatically, as has the maximum purchase price. Initially in the UK for instance, gambling on scratch cards always involved paying £1 for each card, but scratch cards are now available for up to £5 each and as much as 10 euros in Ireland. It did not take long for the online gambling industry to recognise the popularity of the instant result associated with scratch cards, and many of the major online casinos now offer a selection of their own versions of scratch cards with most based on the well tried 3 from 9 symbols format. Online scratch card gambling has taken the principle of small stake instant satisfaction gambling even further by in many cases reducing the necessary stake to as little as 0.1 euros. Paddy Power have seven different scratch cards on their online casino site, with themes varying from popular television programmes to sports such as horse racing and golf. Formats vary with some 3 from 9, and others 3 from 6, but all give the opportunity for scratch card gambling for various stakes. If you want the instant satisfaction of scratch card gambling, but prefer to play for higher stakes, Party casino offer two scratch cards with the opportunity to stake up to $250 on their Formular Won card and up to $500 on their Hollywood Stars scratch card. Whatever your taste in online casino games, there can always be times when you may want a simple win or lose bet, and gambling on scratch cards at an online casino gives you that opportunity whatever you wish to stake.