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Scratch card gambling becoming increasingly popular

By mr-gambling on 2011-11-24 11:07:19

Many people thinking of gambling at an online casino would not necessarily expect to find scratch cards available on so many online sites. Since scratch cards were introduced as far back as 1987, their popularity as a form of instant gambling has grown enormously and a visit to your local newsagent or supermarket is often accompanied by the purchase of a scratch card. Online casino operators have of course recognised this trend towards the instant win which scratch card gambling provides, and have responded by offering their own range of scratch cards online. Many of these scratch cards can be bought for as little as 0.1 euros making gambling on scratch cards probably one of the cheapest forms of gambling available anywhere. As with the cards you can buy at a shop, the scratch cards online will generally have 6 or 9 symbols from which you need to match three to win, and pay outs can be as much as 200 times the initial stake or even 500 times if you match three jackpot symbols. Scratch card gambling is normally recognised as a low stake form of gambling, although it is now possible to buy a scratch card on the high street in Ireland for as much as 10 euros with a potential prize of a massive 250,000 euros, but for the really big gamblers Party Casino now offer scratch cards which provide the opportunity for gambling $250 or even $500 on just one card. For most of us this level of gambling is out of the question, but it does illustrate just how far scratch card gambling has come since they were introduced. If you enjoy gambling on scratch cards, Paddy Power have seven different cards, with a range of symbols themed by popular television programmes or sports, and you can find other designs on most of the main online casino sites. Scratch card gambling provides the opportunity for instant wins and is a viable alternative to slots if you want a change.