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Roulette gambling is not in itself the problem

By mr-gambling on 2014-08-02 08:50:57

Here at we regularly report on any gambling news we feel may interest our readers, and over recent months we have unfortunately needed to report on the increasing pressure on casino gambling and the fixed odds terminals in our betting shops. Although online casino gambling is not yet a primary focus for politicians in Ireland and the UK, apart from punitive tax measures that is, there is bound to be a knock on effect in time. At the moment however it is the fixed odds terminals and in particular the machines featuring the game of roulette which appear to be the primary target. It is somewhat surprising that gambling on roulette is causing so much concern given that most casino gambling experts agree that roulette gambling offers the best odds of winning of all the casino gambling games. Perhaps it is the fact that when roulette is played on one of the betting shop terminals it is reported that players can place a bet every 20 seconds. Although this may be possible it surely takes all the fun out of playing the game. Most fans of roulette gambling enjoy the game because of the multiple betting opportunities it presents and take great pleasure out of choosing where and when to place their bets, something which would usually take far longer than 20 seconds. Roulette is clearly a gambling game of chance, because the player has no input into the result of the spin of the wheel, but it is also a game where the player can choose the odds they wish to play for by opting for specific bets or multiple bets. Many casino gambling fans love gambling on roulette so let’s hope the game itself does not suffer from the reckless gambling of a few. After all most slots games can be played far more quickly than even the fixed odds roulette machines if that is what the player wants.