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There are only restricted casino games at the live casino option

By mr-gambling on 2017-07-06 13:24:39

Online gambling has come a long way since its inception and when it comes to online casinos the advance has been quite rapid. Some years ago now online casinos decided that they needed to have something that was more like casino gambling at a land based casino but it had to be an online casino. The answer that they all came up with was what is known as live casino and today virtually every online casino has the option in the line up. is not sure which aspect of casino gambling they tried to replicate but live casino at an online casino does not compare to the live action which can be found at an actual casino. For most Irish casino players part of the fun of being at a casino is to watch other people winning and losing and to join in the fun. At a roulette table for example it can be fun to watch other players load up on a single number because it is their favourite or because it has not come up for a long time and if it wins the reaction can be interesting. It is of course more fun if it is you that is doing the winning and even when it is you it is still interesting to see the reaction of others to your wins. All of this is missing at the live casino option at online casinos as all you can see is what you are doing.

One theoretical advantage of the live casino is that it does away with the random number generator which is used in online casinos to determine winning numbers or the next card. A good online casino such as any of those listed here at has regular external checks on the RNG to ensure that it is indeed random and as long as this happens then an RNG gives you as much chance of winning as at the regular casino. It is however sometimes difficult to convince some casino players of this fact especially in the middle of a losing streak. For good or bad however there are people who prefer to see the ball rolling around the roulette wheel or a dealer taking the next card from the deck. It must be said that the ball in a roulette wheel at an online casino can sometime take some unusual jumps as it tries to arrive at the number which the RNG has decided but this is becoming better as the software improves. Mind you, the roulette ball in a land based casino sometimes seems to jump out of a slot in which it has already arrived.

Probably the largest restriction that live casino has is the number of casino games which are available to play. It is usual for Roulette and Blackjack to be there but after that most online casinos only have one or two games. Baccarat can often be found or Punto Banco which is basically the same game with a different name and Casino Hold’em is also becoming popular but basically the casino games are restricted to those which require a dealer in the first place so you will not find exciting games such as Craps and of course casino slots are totally absent which is unfortunate as slots are the most played casino games at online casinos. The other drawback in the eyes of is that you never known where the live casino is coming from as all that is required is a room somewhere that can be equipped with the necessary tables. Eastern Europe is a popular destination for these live casinos presumably because the wage rates are lower than in Western Europe and possibly they are more willing to work 24/7. There is at least one exception to this and that is at All Irish Casino who share their live casino offering with others such as No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino and it is streamed from a casino premises in Malta. The Portomaso Casino is one of the best known casinos on the island and these online casinos have come to an arrangement with it to run the live casino option. It is of course pretty much the same as other live casino options being a separate room where dealers are in front of cameras and the proceedings are streamed to your PC or other device. Although it would be much more fun to see the whole casino floor and watch other people playing that is never going to happen as it would compromise privacy but at least the dealers are professional well trained people and as English is a second language on the Island communication should be better.

The live casino option has never really caught on as maybe online casinos expected and the usage is quite small when compared to the regular online casino so whether we shall continue to see it being offered must be a question. There will be those players who distrust the RNG and will always play at the live casino but they are far and few between and anyway as casino slots are not available they will almost certainly play the regular online casino as well. Nevertheless online casinos are still promoting live casino play and there is usually a bonus to be had for trying it for the first time even if you have been a regular player at the online casino for some time. The bonuses if available are not that generous for the main reason that the casino games played at the live casino are considered low risk games. If you for example sign up to a new online casino and receive a bonus it will have to staked several times before i t can be converted into accessible cash and it is not unusual for casino games such as Blackjack or Roulette either not to count at all towards the staking requirement or at least for a very small percentage. Bonuses at the live casino are therefore not generally particularly attractive.