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Postcode lotteries in the gambling news

By mr-gambling on 2014-11-06 15:32:03

It is interesting that lotteries are in the general gambling news this week but not the general lotteries that we all know and love or even the online gambling lotteries that can be found at all online casinos but The Peoples Postcode Lottery which is very popular in England and Scotland. In fact one member of the Scottish Parliament has asked the UK Gambling Commission to investigate the cold calling practice which is in use. Mark McDonald who is the MSP in question is concerned that with an estimate of over 30,000 people in the country that have a gambling problem the cold calling is targeting those that are least able to afford it by pressurising them with the fact that 25% of the stake goes to good causes. The point about cold calling is that those who like gambling should make a proactive effort such as registering and signing onto an online gambling account rather than be put under pressure over the phone. There is so much choice of online gambling these days and that includes lotteries from all over the world that there should be no pressure applied other than advertising the products which they all do with great regularity. In other gambling news it appears that after many years the Dutch gambling market might be going to open up although not any time soon. Gambling in Holland has a monopoly affair by the Government for many years even though European legislation does not allow that but it now appears that there may some movement as the Dutch authorities are asking interested parties to come forward. Legislation is far from complete and some reports in the gambling news suggest that it might not be ready before the end of next year and then there is the battle with land based casinos who fear they will lose business to online gambling providers.