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Poker gambling online does not have to be Texas Hold’em

By mr-gambling on 2015-07-15 11:50:40

The biggest change we have seen since the introduction of online casino gambling has been the huge range of gambling games we can now enjoy playing. It is true of course that the vast majority of these online gambling games are variations of slots gambling games, but there are also a number of more traditional casino gambling games now available on the online casino gambling sites many of which were not available prior to the introduction of casino gambling online. Many of us did have the opportunity to play roulette and blackjack at a real casino, but very few of us were able to play baccarat, backgammon or craps for example, and even gambling on poker was very limited. Apart from the slots it is poker gambling which has seen the greatest surge in interest as a result of casino gambling online, and there are now many specialist poker gambling sites for the real poker enthusiasts to enjoy. We should not forget however that Texas Hold’em, the favourite poker gambling format for real enthusiasts is not for everyone, so we are pleased to see that most of the online casino gambling sites also offer a number of other poker gambling games. Omaha poker for example is very similar to Texas Hold’em in that it also uses community cards and therefore entails multiple betting rounds, but both can be too rich for many people. Of the other poker gambling games the most widely recognised is probably 5-card Draw poker, as featured regularly in the old western films, but most casino gambling sites also offer 5-card and 7-card Stud poker on their sites, usually played for fixed odds against the house and therefore great gambling games for all of us irrespective of our budget. If you are keen to try gambling on poker but do not have the experience or the budget to risk Texas Hold’em there are still a variety of other poker gambling formats available online.