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Poker gambling is more than Texas Hold’em

By mr-gambling on 2011-03-17 10:10:39

When one talks about Poker gambling, the tendency is to think of Texas Hold’em and the huge televised Poker tournaments but in actual fact there are a number of poker gambling games available for you to choose from and they do not all have to be played against other players. If you like gambling on poker and playing against other poker players you still have a choice to make between normal play and tournament play. In normal play you simply log in, choose a table which will depend upon the stakes you wish to play for, bring some money to the table and play; in this form of poker gambling you need to be watchful of how much cash other players have at their disposal as you can easily be bluffed out of the game by a bet that is more than you want to risk. When playing tournament poker however you can only lose your buy in so you know in advance your maximum exposure and it is for this reason that many novice poker players like to enter low stake tournament games to gain experience. You can still gamble on poker even if you do not like the idea of bluffing or playing against other players as there are games played against the house for fixed odds which can provide just as much entertainment. Caribbean Stud poker is one such gambling poker game in which you are still trying to form a five card poker hand but you are simply trying to get a better hand than the dealer and you can win at increased odds if your hand is good enough. This form of poker gambling is often preferred by players who are really learning the game and the value of hands. Poker really is a game for all gamblers and is a great form of entertainment.