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By mr-gambling on 2011-06-05 11:55:27

Online poker gamblers now have a growing variety of games available on the major online casino sites. In most cases they are not actually new games, having been in existence for many years, but they have not been available recently in most land based casinos and are only now regaining their popularity since being introduced in the online casinos. As seasoned gamblers on poker will be aware, Texas Hold’em is without doubt now the most popular online poker game, and along with Omaha poker relies on community cards which are available to all the players to increase the excitement and the number of betting rounds. The other poker games are however catching up, with 7-card Stud poker now second only to Texas Hold’em in popularity amongst gamblers on poker. Stud poker does not use community cards, but does have cards dealt face up to each player. In the case of the 7 card version, just 2 cards are dealt face down at the start of the game with the remaining 5 cards all dealt face up, one at a time after each gambling round. 5 card Stud is similar but only 1 card is dealt face down and the other 4 cards face up after each gambling round. Amongst the other poker games now available to online poker gamblers, even 5 card Draw poker is making a come back on some online casino sites. This is of course the most famous version of poker, having been played in almost every western film saloon since movies began. In Draw poker, all the cards are dealt face down and the only clue you may have to the strength of your opponent’s hand is their betting patterns. We have provided much more detail of the other poker games online on our relevant pages, so if you are looking for a change of game, go to our other poker games pages and give them a go.