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Online poker gambling is not confined to Texas Hold”em

By mr-gambling on 2013-08-13 10:07:08

Any analysis of the effects of online casinos on the gambling scene in Ireland will inevitably lead one to focus on the resurgence of gambling on poker. After years in the doldrums poker gambling is now one of the most popular forms of online casino  gambling, and the number of people gambling on poker at an online casino or online poker forum is increasing all the time. This has also had a knock on effect on entries to poker tournaments all over the world, including of course the Irish Open which remains one of the most prestigious outside of the US. Serious poker gambling fans tend to concentrate on the Texas Hold’em poker format because this is almost exclusively the version of poker played in the major tournaments, but there are a number of other poker games available online which are just as exciting and in some cases perhaps more suitable for new poker gamblers wanting to learn the game. For those who enjoy poker played with community cards and are looking for a change from Texas Hold’em, why not try Omaha poker. Omaha poker also uses five community cards but each player is dealt four cards instead of two, from which they must use two in their showdown hand. The thrill of poker gambling is often the result of the number of betting rounds which take place during each hand, leading to bigger pots and it has to be said greater risk. Multiple betting rounds also feature in some of the other poker gambling formats offered by the online casinos, such as 7-card Stud poker and the 5-card version also available at some online casinos. We have detailed the rules of all of these other poker games on our casino games pages so if you’re looking for a change or want to learn how to play poker online, take a look and give it a try.