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Online Poker gambling has taken off in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2015-02-05 09:23:26

The internet has changed the way we shop, pay our bills, manage our bank accounts and even how we book our holidays, but it has also changed how we spend our leisure time. It is not just the kids who now play games online, the adults have also taken to online gaming in a big way. Here at we are of course primarily interested in how the internet has affected our gambling habits, and there is now no doubt that online gambling has taken off in a big way. Sports gambling fans now gamble on their favourite sports online rather than the betting shop, but it is online casino gambling which has really surged as a result of widespread access to the internet. The reason is obvious when you look at the range of casino gambling games we can now play online. The online casino gambling sites have managed to attract a very wide customer base, from seasoned casino gamblers to bingo fans and of course slot machine enthusiasts, but perhaps the biggest winner from the easy access to online gambling is Poker. Poker gambling has taken off in Ireland and across the world, with many online gambling sites dedicated solely to gambling on Poker. The poker game of choice for the serious Poker gambling enthusiast is of course Texas Hold’em, which is the Poker gambling format used in almost every poker tournament around the world. Texas Hold’em is played with each player being dealt two cards, followed by five community cards dealt one at a time in the centre of the table. There is a betting round after each card is dealt so the pot tends to grow rapidly as the game progresses, which is clearly why gambling on Texas Hold’em poker has become so popular. Each player can use any three of the five community cards to make up their showdown hand, so the quality of th hands also tends to be better than Draw Poker for example. We have detailed all the rules of Texas Hold’em on our individual casino gambling games pages to help you get started, but we would suggest that those new to gambling on Texas Hold’em start with small stakes, because experience counts in this game.