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Online keno gambling is interesting

By mr-gambling on 2015-09-09 17:02:39

When discussing online casino gambling we rarely speak about Keno which is a shame as online casino Keno is an interesting game which in a way is similar to bingo or lotteries in that numbers are drawn and you need to match them. In a regular online keno game such as played at there are 80 numbers so similar to an 80 ball bingo game but when gambling at online keno you have the choice of how many numbers to play each round and this can vary from 2 to 10 and unlike bingo you can also vary your stake per game. Having selected your stake and your numbers ten numbers will light up at random and the more you match then the more you win. Odds at online keno depend on how many numbers you selected in the first place and how many were matched so for example if you only select 2 numbers then you only need to match one for odds of even money but if you manage to match both within the 10 numbers drawn then the odds are 7:1. Most people engaged in online gambling at keno will select 10 numbers although you can also press a random selection button so you do not need to do that yourself unless you have special lucky numbers. Every online casino carries the gambling game of keno in one form or another and it is very fast to play as unlike lotteries or bingo you are in control of when a game starts. Keno is very popular in casinos in the USA and the fixed odds gambling version is at online casinos. If you enjoy online bingo you may want to try your hand at online keno gambling and there is even a jackpot to be won.