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Online gambling with Paddy Power

By mr-gambling on 2012-11-20 08:34:28

Once again it’s time to congratulate Ireland’s biggest and best known bookmaker. Founded in 1988, Paddy Power has transformed itself from a small betting shop chain in Ireland into an international gambling organisation covering almost every gambling activity. There are now approximately 300 betting shops in Ireland and the UK, with as many as 45 new shops planned for this year, and in spite of the economic downturn sports gambling revenues in their high street shops in Ireland and the UK continue to rise. Even more impressive is their online gambling performance, with online and mobile sports gambling and casino gambling now accounting for more than half of their gambling revenues. Paddy Power’s latest financial report shows a massive 23% leap in revenues in the three months from the beginning of July, easily exceeding that of most of their competitors, and that in spite of the problems encountered in the horse racing calendar due to the weather. Their Australian gambling operations have also continued to prosper with a strong 24% increase in internet gambling, with mobile gambling now contributing more and more of the overall gambling revenues. Paddy Power are now in a position to take advantage of any further expansion and development opportunities which may arise, and claim to have a net cash balance of 169 million euros to fund any opportunities they identify. For the casual observer of the corporate gambling sector, Paddy Power are always likely to steal a march on their rivals with innovative marketing stunts, and it appears that they are working for them. This is an Irish success story, so whether you prefer sports gambling or online casino gambling, take a look at the Paddy Power online gambling site.