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Online gambling taking customers from bookmakers

By mr-gambling on 2015-06-15 16:51:52

There has been quite a lot in the Irish gambling news recently about the switch from bookmakers to online gambling and the possibility that this increases the risk of problem gambling and there have been some interesting statistics thrown around. For example some articles in the gambling news suggest that less than 1% of all gambling is done by those who have a serious problem but on the other hand some estimates say that 30% of revenues come from problem gamblers which seems to suggest that those with a problem have a serious problem. The question of whether the switch to online gambling has any effect on problem gamblers is unanswered but one must suspect that a problem gambler is always going to find a way to gamble no matter how many platforms are available. Online gambling has been in the Irish gambling news off and on for some time and it is accepted that online gambling is on the increase and in fact Paddy Power was recently quoted in the gambling news as saying that 77% of its profits come from online gambling although this figure is a worldwide figure not just for Ireland. The increase in online gambling is further reinforced by looking at the number of bookmakers shops in Ireland and whereas only some 7 years ago there were more than 1350 there are today less than 1000 and that is set to reduce further if reports in the Irish gambling news about Ladbrokes closing shops is true. The whole question of problem gambling is a priority for online gambling operators but as they point out it is very difficult to determine who has a problem simply by looking at the frequency and size of bets as what is a life changing bet to some is small change to another.