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Online gambling software varies a lot between sports and casino gambling

By mr-gambling on 2017-11-11 11:43:27

Online gambling is totally dependent on the software which is used to power the site and whether you enjoy the experience or not is also affected by it but most people who enjoy gambling online have no idea where the software has come from. You are more likely to know the software companies which drive online casinos as many of the casino slots have the name of the casino software displayed when opening the game. If you enjoy casino gambling online you may well also have noticed that many of the online casinos carry the same range of casino games which is purely a result of them using the same casino software. Online sports gambling sites however are usually very different suggesting that each has their own software development people in employment. This could also go some way to explaining why there are far more online casino gambling sites than there are online sports gambling sites as the software for casino play is easily available although not cheap. It is interesting that even the larger Irish gambling companies such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes make no effort to create their own casino software preferring instead to use one of the specialised companies such as Microgaming, Playtach or Net Entertainment which is NetEnt for short.

The casino software companies are of course all vying for business so they are continuously looking for new features. It is quite unusual for an existing online casino to switch from one casino software to another although it has been known but it is not unusual for an online casino to add casino games to their site from different casino software suppliers. This is quite a good idea which results in an online casino having a larger range of games than would otherwise be the case. For example at All Irish Casino which is very popular amongst Irish casino players the main casino software comes from NetEnt which  has a very wide range of casino games including hundreds of casino slots some of which have jackpots well in excess of €1 million. However the casino slots which have the largest jackpots which can be 3 or 4 million Euro and more are on the Quickfire software which is actually Microgaming so All Irish Casino has included these specifically on their site to satisfy all needs. Each casino software has their own unique features and an example of this can be found with NetEnt casino software slots where they have moved from the more normal 5 reels to having 15 symbols showing on screen which can move independently of each other. They are arranged in a five by three pattern the same as a regular five reel slot would be but because they are independent some new features such as Sticky Wins™ can be applied. Stick Wins™ can be found at the casino slot Jack Hammer™ which in turn can be found at All Irish Casino and one or two other online casinos that use NetEnt casino software such as No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino.

When gambling online and playing the Jack Hammer™ casino slot, once a winning line is triggered which is three or more matching symbols on one of the 25 winning lines, any symbols forming part of that winning line are held and all others are spun again. With a regular five reel slot it is only possible to hold a complete reel but here all symbols are independent of each other. Spinning the remaining symbols again is likely to increase the win by adding more of the same symbols or it might even trigger a completely new winning sequence in addition to the original. If either of these happens then once again all symbols involved in winning lines are held and all remaining ones spun again. This process repeats again and again until no further improvement is made after which the highest win is paid. The good thing about this is that it all happens automatically and the player adds no additional stake; it is all considered one spin. Needless to say what at first appears to be a small win can very rapidly become something very substantial. There are also wilds and freespins symbols to help you along with the freespins being really attractive. It requires 5 freespins symbols to enter the free spins game with 10 free spins where all wins are tripled. This may seem quite a lot but the Sticky Wins™ feature also applies to freespins symbols so just three will be held making five or more quite feasible during the re-spins. Anything over 8 freespins symbols enters the free spins zone with 30 free spins. Online slots have taken a leap forward with this development from NetEnt casino software.

There are casino software companies that rely on humour to make them attractive and one of those is NYX Gaming which also operate under the name of Thunderkick. One of their casino slots which can be found at is called Birds on a Wire™. It should be added that the birds on this casino slot bear little resemblance to real birds which is just as well as many of them end up being electrocuted and disappearing in a puff of soot and feathers. This casino slot also uses the fact that each of the 15 birds can be replaced independently. You really need to take a look to appreciate the humour of this slot with birds so fat they could not possibly fly and others fully enclosed in a brown paper bag. The idea is that the birds sit on three rows of high voltage wires and when three or more match on one of the 17 pay lines the current passes through them which electrocutes them and as previously said they disappear. New birds then fly in to see if another win can be triggered. In this instance there is a win multiplier which moves to 2X after the first win which means that any second win pays double. It also moves to 3X and 5X with subsequent wins.