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Online gambling is fun but stay within your own limits

By mr-gambling on 2014-07-29 14:35:55

In the Irish gambling news this week we are reminded that there are still gambling addicts out there who need help. This reminder comes in an article in an English newspaper about a well paid family man with a good job and a nice house and car who managed to gamble away £750,000 at online gambling and it was not that he needed the money as he had been successful at several things before and was happy with his life. According to the Irish gambling news it all started with a simple bet on a rugby match and soon developed into an effort to recoup his losses with larger and larger bets finally ending up at the online casino where casino games such as roulette mean that you can place bets every few seconds instead of waiting for a match to finish. Having lost everything including his house, savings, family and anything else of value he eventually turned to Gamblers Anonymous who were able to help him. The good news from this Irish gambling new story is that he is reunited with his family and is cured of the problem. Online gambling is easy and it give an adrenalin rush like no other and the last thing would want to do is discourage people from having a go but they do provide help in choosing an honest online gambling provider and there is a good chance that any of those listed would spot a problem but the easy way for anybody to prevent it becoming a problem is to place limits on the deposits that can be made within a certain time frame and there is always the option of self exclusion from an online gambling site. Online gambling is great fun but only if you stick within the limits of playing only with money that you can comfortable afford to lose.