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Online gambling companies use special casino software

By mr-gambling on 2014-10-03 12:50:41

It often will not occur to the online gambling community that online casino software is not written by the online gambling provider themselves but is in fact entrusted to one of only a handful of specialised companies. This might not be the case for sports gambling but if you have ever played at different online casinos you may have noticed that the layout and the gambling games are sometimes very similar and the reason is that they use the same casino software and just have different badges. The major online casino software companies are in no particular order Chartwell. NetEnt, Cryptologic, Microgaming and Playtech and nearly all well known online casinos will use one or the other or sometimes even a combination of more than one. Online gambling is great fun at an online casino but the graphics and the casino games are determined by the casino software alone and usually the online casino will state somewhere on the site which casino software they are using. If it is an obscure name then tread with care and check where that particular online casino is licensed. The fact that several online casinos use the same casino software for their online casino gambling offering is not all bad as it is this which enables the huge progressive jackpots to build very quickly. Each participating online casino will contribute a very small amount to the jackpot pool on every spin of the casino slot machine game and where this same game is present at different online casinos they are all contributing. The casino software company will collect all these small amounts and pay out the jackpot when it is won. This also helps explain why an online gambling company with an online casino is very happy when one of its players hits the jackpot as it is not costing them any more money.