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Online gambling companies do not write their own casino software

By mr-gambling on 2017-10-18 12:35:07

It is a fact that some online casinos look remarkably similar to others and you may wonder whether this is because they belong to the same organisation. It is of course possible that they do as several larger online gambling operators do run online casinos under different names but the most likely reason is that they use the same casino software. Many years ago at the very start of gambling online it was normal for the operators to write their own software and when it comes to sports gambling some still do but in the online casino field life has become so complicated that casino software development has been left in the hands of specialised companies who them market their products to whoever is interested The products can range from a few casino games and casino slots in particular to a full casino complete with all the graphics. Once an online casino has been designed it is a relatively simple procedure to alter the branding and colour scheme to appear to be a different online casino altogether. There are examples of this and as an example No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino have a great deal in common. There is of course nothing wrong with this approach as the online casinos in question differentiate themselves from each other and from other casino gambling sites by the way in which they treat new and existing customers so having all the same casino games is not a issue as the customer will decide which casino to gamble at using different criteria.

Whilst on the subject all online gambling companies are desperate to attract new customers as can be seen by the extensive advertising of some of them and many try to accomplish this by having special offers for new customers while at the same time ignoring many of their existing customers. Ignoring existing customers is of course a sure fire way to lose them to other sites where all customers gambling online are treated in the same way which can be partly the reason why new customers are always needed. Most of these promotions in sports gambling come in the form of free bets whilst in casino gambling they are generally what are called deposit matching bonuses. In this latter system the online casino will award a new player money to play with based on the size of their very first deposit into their casino account. The money awarded is more often than not a 100% match of the deposit and sometimes second and third deposits also have matches but at a lower percentage. The catch with this system, apart from the fact that it is only available to new online gamblers, is that the bonus money is not placed in the customer’s account but rather into a specially created bonus account. Money in this account can be used to play casino games but it cannot be withdrawn. The only way to get hold of the bonus money is to get it transferred into your playing account and to do this you will need to stake it a number of times on certain casino games. The number can be anything up to 40 or 50 times and the casino games are often restricted so that games such as roulette or blackjack which are considered low risk games are not included.

No Bonus casino on the other hand is unique in the online gambling world as far as is aware in offering no bonuses but instead offering cash back if you lose. There are simple terms and conditions attached but basically any player can get back 10% of a deposit if they lose it all in a single day. One of the good things about this offer is that it is not only for new players but is available to every player on every deposit no matter how long they have been a customer. Freespins casino also has an offer which is available to every player every time and that is to offer free spins on a selection of casino slots. The actual number of free spins depends on the size of the deposit being made and on which of the casino slots is selected. Any winnings from these free spins must be played a number of times before it can be withdrawn but as it is virtually impossible to play free spins without making a profit that seems perfectly reasonable.

Common use of casino software in online gambling also results in certain casino slots being identical across several online casinos which means that if you have a favourite slot you can probably find it at a different online casino that offers a better deal than where you found it in the first place. There is also an advantage to having common casino software when it comes to the jackpot slots. These casino jackpot slots which are very popular in the online gambling world build the jackpot gradually over time with every spin generating a very small amount towards it. The more online casinos that carry the slot the more spins there are going to be and therefore the faster the jackpot will build up. To ensure that the jackpot is always attractive the casino software company will generally place an initial amount into the pot after the jackpot has been won. Nobody is going to play a progressive jackpot slot which often requires quite large stakes unless there is a substantial pot to be won. This feature of casino slots jackpots also goes some way to explain why online casinos which belong to online gambling companies are so happy when somebody hits a really large jackpot. You might expect that they would be rather disappointed at losing so much cash but in truth it costs the online casino nothing as it is the casino software company that is looking after the jackpot and it is they who will pay out. In the meantime of course the online casino is getting all the credit and they will certainly make use of the fact that one of their customers has hit the jackpot in the hope that that attracts more customers to the site.