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Online gambling at the live casino option of online casinos is possible

By mr-gambling on 2018-06-04 13:10:58

There is nothing quite as exciting as gambling at a live casino but these days online casinos also have what is called live casino as one of the options. Online gambling at a casino can never compare to the excitement of actually being at a land based casino where you can enjoy the atmosphere and thrill of others winning or losing but on the other hand an online casino offers a much larger range of casino games especially when it comes to casino slots. Gambling online at the live casino option of an online casino does however have some attractions one of which is that there can be some interaction with the dealers which of course is not possible at a regular online casino. A live casino in online casino terms is in fact nothing more than a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary gambling equipment such as roulette tables or card tables and where there are actual dealers spinning the wheel or dealing the cards. The process is watched by strategically placed cameras which then stream the pictures directly to your computer or other device. These rooms can be located anywhere in the world but are very often in one of the Eastern European countries and certainly never in Ireland which is a bit disappointing but then none of the online gambling is based in Ireland even though there are some very well known Irish companies in the industry. There are exceptions however such as All Irish Casino who have their live casino streamed from an actual casino in Malta but even then it is still a separate room to protect the identity of players at the actual casino next door.

Online gambling at the live casino option has the disadvantage of only having a limited number of casino games available but having said that, Roulette is probably the most popular of all casino table games with Blackjack a close second  and they are always there. Others that you might come across are Caribbean Stud or Baccarat which is also known as Punto Banco. Punto Banco is one of the most misunderstood casino games whether gambling online or in the limited number of actual casinos where it can be found. Despite the reputation it has it is one of the easiest gambling games in the world to play as there are only three possible bets which are for one or the other of the two hands dealt to win or for the result to be a tie. You do not even have to know how the game works to play although it does of course help. The biggest drawback to the live casino option is that there are no casino slots which just happen to be the most played games at online casinos. As you will already be playing at the live casino option of a regular online casino it is little effort to switch back if you want to play slots.

One of the major reasons given for people playing live casino is that they do not trust the random number generator used in regular online casino play. When having a losing run  when gambling online it is quite common for players to look for something to blame and it is understandable that the random number generator should come in for criticism but there never seems to be a problem when winning. It is a fact though that random number generators at respectable online casinos such as any of those listed on this site have their RNGs checked on a regular basis by external auditors to make sure that they are working correctly and are still producing random results. RNGs have been around for a long time and are an accepted part of life but there still exists a doubt in the minds of some.

Despite live casino having been part of the online gambling world for quite a few years it seems not to have really caught on with far more people sticking to regular online casino play even when playing games such as roulette which are readily available at the lie casino option. The reasons for this are not clear but it is possibly due to the minimum stakes at the live casino being a little higher than at the regular online casino. Higher or maximum stakes are very similar but it seems many online casino players still prefer to play for small stakes. The same is of course true at most land based casinos where minimum stakes can often be quite high. It is not usual to find a minimum chip value of €10 at land based casinos which is fine for a blackjack hand but can get quite expensive when playing several numbers on a roulette table. Online casino on the other hand can have chip values of cents rather than Euro. Casino slots are probably the most flexible in terms of what you can stake on a spin as there are many slots that allow you to choose not only the stake per winning line but also the number of winning lines. Recently there are casino slots that have a fixed number of winning lines such as Jack Hammer™ with its 25 winning lines but even then you can adjust your stake level from 1 to 10 and your coin value as well which makes it very flexible in terms of stakes per spin.

The live casino option at online casinos does add an extra dimension to gambling online but it is no real substitute for the real thing of going to a land based casino. Unfortunately in Ireland that is not so easy to do so maybe the live casino is a possibility for some but it seems the majority will stick to the regular online casino play governed by the use of random number generators and accept that sometimes they will win and sometimes they will lose.