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Online casinos offer lottery gambling

By mr-gambling on 2015-07-25 14:16:09

Very many people in Ireland and the UK enjoy gambling on lotteries but generally speaking they only stick to lottery gambling on their own national lottery which is rather a shame as online casinos offer online lottery gambling from all over the world. If you are into lottery gambling you can participate in the lotteries from as far apart as New York of Hong Kong without leaving home. There are however some differences between gambling on the lottery in your own country and lottery gambling in the rest of the world. In your own country lottery gambling involves buying a ticket and even though that can also be done online the result or the winnings will depend upon how many people have winning numbers and of course how many people are taking part. Online lottery gambling however is what is known as fixed odds gambling where the online casino will give you odds of successfully predicting correct numbers in the draw so for example predicting just one number in the Irish lottery might be offered at 6:1 but having 5 correct numbers might be offered at 100,000:1. The other major difference between lottery gambling in online casinos and lottery gambling by buying a ticket is that the ticket has a fixed price but in online lottery gambling you can decide what you want to stake on each line of your entry. This form of lottery gambling is often compared to the likes of Keno where you back numbers to come up but the difference between that and lottery gambling is that the online casino has no influence at all on the winning numbers as they are whatever is drawn in the lottery of the country you are playing so it cannot be fixed in any way. Worldwide lottery gambling is becoming more and more popular and it is very simple to take part.