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Online casinos do not write their own casino gambling software

By mr-gambling on 2011-06-21 10:12:59

If you do your sports gambling at the local betting shop you have probably no interest in gambling software but if on the other hand you enjoy online casino gambling you are going to very dependent on the casino software that is being used. It is a common misunderstanding that online casinos write their own casino software when in actual fact they do not; casino software for online gambling is a very specialised field and only a handful of companies are engaged in the development with the result that even the large gambling companies such as Paddy Power or Ladbrokes use the specialised companies. This also goes some way to explaining why some online casinos look very similar to other online casinos in their layout and games offering. Online casino gambling software companies will have several contracts with different online casinos and quite often online casinos will have contracts to use more than one software company so you may find a slots offering which is the same in two online casinos but the roulette or blackjack may be different. The major online casino gambling software companies are Microgaming (used by Ladbrokes), Playtech (used by Bet365), Wagerworks (used by Paddy Power), Cryptologic which is an Irish based developer and Chartwell but in truth as long as you enjoy your casino gambling experience and are happy with the range of casino games available it probably doesn’t matter too much which you are using. The gambling software developer will however sometimes also provide all or part of the banking software so for security of data it is always better to use one of the larger gambling software developers and if you so not know who that is then stick to one of our top four online casinos here at