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Online blackjack gambling can be profitable

By mr-gambling on 2015-06-21 11:32:38

Casino gambling has always been popular but with the advent of online casinos it has become even easier and this is especially true of card games such as Blackjack where it was often difficult to get enough people together for a game who wanted to play for the same stakes. Online casino blackjack gambling is however much easier as a player plays against the dealer and it makes no difference how many people are playing and if you wish you can even play multi hand blackjack where only you occupy several positions on the table at the same time. Gambling on blackjack is exactly the same in an online casino as in a regular casino with the only objective being to beat the dealer and you can choose your stake as long as it is within the table limits. If you prefer seeing the cards being dealt then blackjack gambling is also available at the live casino option of most if not all online casinos. Gambling on blackjack can also be profitable by realising what you are trying to achieve and of course an element of luck. When blackjack gambling the only advantage that the dealer has (they always have some sort of advantage in any casino game) is that you play first and if you bust (go over 21) then you lose regardless of what happens later to the dealer. In online casino gambling at blackjack you will never know what happens as if you bust the deal is over and the cards are returned to the pack. Both you and the dealer will go bust an equal number of times on average but to win you may have to be around when the dealer busts a number of times which is easily said but less easily done as your only clue is the exposed card of the blackjack dealer.