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Omaha poker gambling is proving popular online

By mr-gambling on 2016-03-31 13:39:06

The introduction and widespread availability of online casino gambling has dramatically increased the range of gambling games we can play. Whilst most of these new casino gambling games are slots games in various guises, we also now have access to several of the more traditional casino gambling games which were not available in our real casinos such as craps and baccarat, and of course poker. Some of our casinos did run the occasional poker tournament, but gambling on poker was not something most of us did on a regular basis. Nowadays poker gambling is one of the most popular online casino gambling activities, and even the big poker tournaments are regularly oversubscribed. Serious poker gambling fans will naturally tend to play the Texas Hold’em format of poker because this form of poker is used in all the major tournaments around the world, but the online casino gambling sites also provide us with the opportunity to play several other versions of poker most of which can be played against the house. The popularity of Texas Hold’em is mainly due to the use of community cards which increase the size of the pot through multiple betting rounds, but there is another version of poker available online which also uses community cards, namely Omaha poker. When playing Omaha poker each player is dealt four hole cards face down instead of two, followed by five community cards in the same way as Texas Hold’em. The big difference is that when gambling on Omaha poker the player must use two and only two of their hole cards in their showdown hand. On the face of it this may seem a minor change, but it does affect what may appear to be a good set of cards in the hole hand because three of a kind for example is not as good as it seems because only two can be used, and only one remains in the pack. New Omaha poker gamblers should also note that because three of the community cards must be used by every player it is not possible to have two flushes of different suits in the showdown.