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New site for Ladbrokes sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2013-07-28 13:08:46

Ladbrokes sports gambling site has had a complete revamp in recent times and now provides a very clear and wide choice of online gambling from online casino through bingo, lotteries, poker and of course sports gambling itself. Ladbrokes sports has now so many in play markets for different sports that they have separated it from the regular sports gambling so although horse racing gambling still takes top spot on the Ladbrokes sports page you will need to hit the all sports button to see the full collection and what a collection that is. cannot think of a sport which is not covered on the Ladbrokes sports gambling pages and in fact Ladbrokes sports gambling goes even better to offer sports which are pretty much exclusively for the Irish gambling market such as Shinty. If you are a regular in the sports gambling arena you may want to use the favourites facility which enables you to create a link to your sports gambling preferences right from the front page. Watch out also for the specials that are on offer every day from Ladbrokes sports and can be found in the promotions section half way down the front page on the right hand side. Ladbrokes sports gambling specials are different each day but can include some good money back specials and as you might expect best odds are guaranteed ay every horse race starting from 09:00 in the morning so if you have some inside information it might pay to get in early. The new site from Ladbrokes sports gambling is indeed very easy to follow and navigate around and you can switch from sports gambling to casino gambling in a flash and transferring your account cash from one to another is simple and instant. It does not happen very often that a sports gambling site changes but this one from Ladbrokes sports gambling is certainly better than the previous version.