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A near miss encourages more gambling according to the Dutch

By mr-gambling on 2016-04-30 17:07:36

Recent reports in the Irish gambling news suggest that nearly winning is likely to encourage gambling more than a complete miss. This is an interesting concept when related to online gambling on slots for example probably equates to the bonus symbols only appearing on the correct lines when they do not appear on the first line. Whether there is any truth in that particular Irish gambling news report will depend on your point of view but experts from a University in The Netherlands are convinced. suggests that a win when gambling online is more likely to bring punters back than a loss even if the loss was a near miss. In other articles in the Irish gambling news we are led to believe that some of the most searched words in Google PPC (pay per click) are related to online gambling. Gambling online is certainly very popular but most people probably know where to go to do their online gambling without a search although it must be said that doing a search does throw up some interesting alternatives some of which are already recommended on this site particularly in the area of online casinos where size is not everything. Most of the gambling news seems to concentrate around the subject of mergers and acquisitions these days as more online gambling provides try to reduce costs to pay recent levies such as have been applied in the UK.  Irish gambling is of course still governed by 1956 legislation which is way out of date and allows all sorts of online gambling to be carried out unhindered and the Government makes nothing from it especially as all online gambling providers are based in lower tax countries such as Gibraltar or Malta even if they have a significant presence in Ireland. Recent gambling news about Betfair and Paddy Power is a case in point.