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More effort to prevent online gambling problems

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-26 15:27:36

Problem gambling is a problem for everybody and so it is a pleasure to see that some of the bigger names in online gambling are in the gambling news for trying even harder to discourage it. The new group which is called Senet and includes both Paddy Power and Ladbrokes has incorporated a strap line of “when the fun stops stop” into all online gambling advertising as well as in bookmakers shops from January 1st this year. There has been a caution on most online gambling advertising for some time which says “please gamble responsibly” bit this latest effort is possibly a bit more direct. There are organisations such as Gambleaware which offer help to those who have a problem but of course the problem has to be recognised before any such organisation can help. Online gambling companies also do all they can to identify those with a gambling problem by monitoring activity but it is very difficult for them to determine who can afford what. The group which is in the gambling news is of course purely voluntary but they have established an independent standards commissioner who will monitor compliance with the new agreements so it is anticipated that all members will follow the guidelines. In other gambling news they have apparently agreed not to broadcast advertisements with free bets before the watershed of 9pm. Whether this will help avoid the problem of excessive gambling remains to be seen. Speaking of gambling addiction there have been reports in the gambling news of a lady who has been playing bingo every day for ten years and who has finally managed to kick the habit. Bingo is not one of those online gambling games normally associated with problem gambling but if you play for more than 12 hours every day the money can soon add up so well done to her.