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Match fixing in the general gambling news

By mr-gambling on 2013-12-21 10:09:15

The big story in all the gambling news concerns match fixing in football and it is important for all online gambling people as the results on which you are gambling may be being influenced by others which may of course be good or bad for you. Gambling news has regularly reported stories about match fixing but not as close to home as recently; everybody appreciates that in countries where salaries for footballers are modest it may be quite easy to persuade players to do something and even whole teams seem to have been bribed to throw a match. We have also seen in the online gambling news that snooker players have been involved and have in fact been banned from the game for a time but for it to have infiltrated the Championship in the UK seems incredible and if it can happen there, it can certainly happen in our own Irish leagues. The huge wagers are probably placed by various different people at their online gambling accounts mostly from the Far East but some people are questioning whether the online gambling providers themselves are really at fault for offering bets that can easily be manipulated such as time of the first corner or yellow card. If these online bets were not available then there would be little point in the corruption. One person can easily give away a corner or commit a nasty foul but it would be nearly impossible for a single player to influence the outcome of the whole match as there are too many variables and it is unlikely that all players in a team would agree to such fraud. If you are concerned about this activity affecting your online gambling, then simply do not bet on these so called spot markets; there is plenty of online gambling to be had without them.