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Many Irish casino players do not play Caribbean stud

By mr-gambling on 2012-11-22 12:53:12

One of the gambling games that many Irish casino players have heard of but never actually played is Caribbean Stud poker which is a shame as it is a very easy gambling game to learn and play. The origins of Caribbean Stud are a bit vague but gambling on Caribbean stud can be traced back to Aruba which is of course one of the Caribbean Islands. The idea of Caribbean stud gambling is simple enough and that is to have a better poker hand than the dealer and the better your hand the more you can win. To start gambling on Caribbean stud you must place an ante bet after which five cards will be dealt face up to you and one to the dealer, you must then decide whether you can beat the dealer or not. If you decide that you can, then you add a second bet that is exactly twice the ante bet and the dealer receives a further four cards before the hands are compared. When gambling on Caribbean Stud the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand in order for your additional bet to be paid and if that is not the case your bet is returned. An important point about Caribbean stud gambling is that if the dealer has a non qualifying hand, as long as you have not surrendered your hand your ante bet is paid at even money even though the dealers hand might actually be better than your own. At Ladbrokes casino the gambling game of Caribbean stud is known as Cyberstud poker but it is the same gambling game. The only point to watch for when choosing an online casino for gambling on Caribbean stud is the payout of the progressive jackpots should you choose gambling on Caribbean stud with jackpots as although the whole jackpot is always paid for a royal flush there are sometimes partial jackpots paid for lesser hands.