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Lottery gambling is still gambling

By mr-gambling on 2012-12-06 10:47:02

Millions of people play one or more of the lotteries available in Ireland and most do not consider it be a form of gambling even though lottery gambling is as much gambling as any casino game; but the difference is that usually it is played only for small stakes and you are restricted to the number of draws taking place in a day or week. Online casinos however have changed the face of gambling on lotteries as you can now gamble on lotteries from all over the word from the comfort of your own home and as these draws take place every day at all sorts of different times of the day it expands the opportunities considerable. Gambling on the Irish lotteries normally requires you to buy a ticket but online lottery gambling is different because you are not actually taking part in the lottery but simply gambling on the outcome. If you are gambling on the lottery by buying a ticket then your prize will depend on how many people are taking part which determines the size of the pot and the number of winning tickets which determine your share of the pot but if you are lottery gambling through your online casino provider you know in advance the odds as they are fixed which may or may not be better than actually taking part in the lottery. It is this fact of not having to have a ticket that enables you to participate in lottery gambling all over the world. There are minor differences between lotteries and keno as both depend upon numbers being drawn but in keno gambling the winning numbers are generated by a computer which some people are suspicious of, unless they win of course, but the winning numbers in the lotteries across the world are drawn out usually by balls and as they are published there is no opportunity for any suspicion. Lottery gambling is very popular in Ireland and now you can play all over the world.