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Bet365 Lottery

If you enjoy lottery gambling with a twist the Bet365 Lottery gambling could be the place for you. Whereas most bookmakers have lotteries as a separate section at the top of the page, Bet365 lottery can be found under the heading of sport and they call it Lotto and as well as operating the normal fixed odds gambling they have a number of variations to make it interesting. In 49’s and certain other lotteries you can for example place a bet on the bonus ball number or simply the colour of the bonus ball; you can also gamble on the first ball number or whether the first ball is odd or even or you can expand that by trying to predict the outcome of each the 6 balls drawn being odd or even which incidentally pays out at 52:1 if you get them right. If that is not enough Bet365 lottery gives you the chance to gamble on the total of all balls drawn or on whether each ball is higher or lower than 25; these really are interesting variations on offer at Bet365 lottery.

Bet365 lottery offers the Irish Lottery as well as the Monday Millions, the Spanish Lottery and the New York Lottery with its 59 numbers. The German lottery is a popular one and we believe that Bet365 lottery is the only bookmaker to offer both the Canadian and Australian lotteries in an online version. Bet365 lottery in line with most online lottery operators has a maximum win amount but in this case it is €250,000 so you need to watch your stakes to ensure that you do not exceed this amount.

Bet365 lottery has some of the best odds around even though you might imagine that all lottery operators pay out at the same odds in the same way as roulette; for example when choosing a 49 number game such as the UK lottery and opting for the 6 numbers drawn (without the bonus ball) if you gamble on two numbers you can win at odds of 66 to 1 at Bet365 lottery which compares very favourably to 60:1 for Paddy Power or 61:1 for Ladbrokes and for four numbers Bet365 will pay out at 10,000:1 whereas Paddy Power are 7200:1 and Ladbrokes are 7500:1. We are sure you will agree that it is difficult enough to win so you may as well get the best odds available by looking around. We recommend all three of the named lottery operators and there is no single one that always offers better odds than the other two but Bet365 is definitely up there.

Bet365 lottery will generally allow you to place bets up to 2 weeks in advance so even if you go on holiday you can gamble before you go and pick up your winnings when you get back. With such a great selection of lotteries to choose from and an appealing list of lottery gambling options Bet365 lottery is definitely in our top three and could even be our number one recommendation.

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