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By mr-gambling on 2018-06-28 16:57:30

Gambling online is without doubt great fun and very convenient but many think that there is no substitute for being at a live event such as horse racing and gambling there on the course. There is a lot to be said for soaking up the atmosphere, and possibly the alcohol as well, but what happens when it comes to casinos. Of course Ireland is blessed with a huge selection of online casinos but there is no actual casino to be found. There are a few private members clubs but these are still not the same as a real casino as can be found in most other European countries. The nearest thing that Irish gamblers can get to a real casino is the live casino option which is available at most online casinos but even then it is a poor substitute. Part of the fun of casino gambling is watching other people, how they play and how they react to winning or losing. This is not possible at the live casino option of online casinos as all you can see is the dealer and the table. You actually have no idea who else is playing or what they are doing which begs the question why people go for live casino in the first place.

The most common answer to that is dislike or even distrust of the random number generator used at all online casinos. Random Number Generators or RNGs for short have been used in online gambling for many years and as long as you are playing casino games at a trustworthy online casino they are perfectly legitimate and checked by independent auditors at regular intervals. This applies to any of the online casinos listed on the site. At times, however, when a player is losing something has to be blamed and the RNG is a sitting duck so this is when Irish casino players might turn to the live casino option where they can see the cards being dealt or the roulette ball dropping into a slot on the wheel. When a player is winning the RNG is always doing its job properly. The truth is that an RNG gives as much chance of winning as a live dealer. Lie casinos are actually nothing more than a room somewhere, often in one of the Eastern European countries that has been equipped with the necessary roulette tables and card tables and of course strategically placed cameras to record and transmit what is happening. You place your bets in the normal way on screen and are paid out in the normal way so the only difference is that the next card or number on the roulette wheel s determined by a dealer instead of an RNG.

The only slight advantage could be that when casino gambling online at the live casino option there is the opportunity to chat with the dealer but most Irish casino players seem to prefer not to which is possibly why very few actually use the lie casino option. A drawback of live casino is that the casino games available are quite limited to those that actually need a dealer so we are talking roulette, blackjack, baccarat and sometimes Caribbean stud and Casino Hod’em. Casino slots which just happen to be the most played of all online casino games do not require a dealer and are therefore not available at live casino options. Other games not available at the live casino include Craps where it is customary for the players to throw the dice. You might expect the interactive poker games to be available but those are almost exclusively found at specialist online poker sites rather than the regular online casino. The live casino options do tend also to have larger minimum and maximum stakes than you might find at your regular online casino so you will probably not find a 5 cent roulette table but you will find tables where you can bet enormous amounts in one hand or spin.

If you think there is a problem with the RNG in your chosen online casino then by all means try the live casino option but a better bet might be to try a different online casino which might fell psychologically better but in truth will not change your chances of winning. All Irish Casino actually has a selection of no less than 67 different tables in their live casino offering. Most of these are associated with bet size so there are tables for regular limit, high limit or low limit but there are other options such as Immersive roulette or Lightening roulette, French roulette or mini live roulette. These are all slight variations on the roulette game but may be of interest to some players. The greatest number of tables is for blackjack where as well as changing table limits there are games called Blackjack Platinum and Blackjack Silver along with Blackjack Party and Blackjack VIP. has not tried all these variations so can comment on them. Apart from roulette and blackjack All Irish Casino has a wheel of fortune called Dream Catcher and other games such as Triple Card Poker and Three Card Poker but what the difference is between those two in unknown. Online casinos such as All Irish Casino are trying to expand the offering for online gambling enthusiasts but at the end of the day it is still a handful of games with different variations.

You will find other online casinos such as a new favourite called Fun Casino have the same line up of casino games as they use basically the same casino software from Evolution Gaming and you will even find the same dealers so we must assume that it is streamed from the same premises. This is not a drawback as there is so much choice of online gambling at the live casino that ou are bound to find something of interest or even a dealer that becomes your favourite.