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Live casino gambling is possible at an online casino

By mr-gambling on 2017-07-30 15:04:34

Online gambling can be great fun but there is no real substitute for attending a live event whether that is a football match or horse racing. Casino gambling has tried to address this by offering what is known as live casino as part of the online casino offering. Admittedly it does sound a bit of an anomaly calling online casino a live activity but it is as close to a live casino as you are likely to encounter as there are actual dealers and the next card or spin of the wheel is determined by an actual deck of cards or an actual spin of the roulette wheel rather than the random number generator which is sued at all online casinos. Gambling online at this live casino option really does happen live although it is rarely actually happening in a real casino. The live casino option at online casinos comes from a room, which can be anywhere, which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette wheels and of course cameras in order to be able to transmit the proceedings to your computer or other device. Generally these rooms tend to be in Eastern Europe but there are a couple of useful alternatives such as at All Irish Casino where the live casino gambling option is transmitted from an actual casino premises in Malta although not of course from the actual casino floor where other people are present.

Gambling online at the live casino option of an online casino still cannot create the atmosphere that you get in an actual casino where there can be a lot of noise created by people winning or losing as other players are not visible in the cameras but if you are one of those folk that think that the random number generators used at online casinos are somehow rigged against you then live casino could be the option to choose. It should be added that any good online casino such as those which are listed at this site regularly have their RNGs tested by independent bodies to ensure that they are indeed random. Online casinos using RNGs have no need to have them non random as in fact that could work against them with players working out which were the more frequent cards or numbers. The casino already has a margin on every casino game which although small is enough to make sure that over time and enough players that they will remain ahead so there is no real incentive unless it is a fly by night casino that tries to make a quick killing before closing down and moving on. Those online casinos are a round but can be avoided simply enough by following the advice of when making your selection.

Another drawback of the live casino option at online casinos is the limited choice of casino games which are available. For example dice games such as Craps are never to be found at any live casino option. Craps is a fun game but it really relies on players throwing the dice and even in the normal online casino where there is only one player it is never the croupier that throws the dice. In roulette however it is always the croupier that spins the wheel so it is ideally suited to live casino. Some card games such as Blackjack or Baccarat are also games where the dealer is instrumental in play by dealing and shuffling the cards so these games will invariable be found at the live casino option. Baccarat is especially suited as whether you are at an actual casino or in the live casino option of an online casino it is the dealer that deals and plays both hands. If you have never played Baccarat this might sound a little strange but it does work and makes Baccarat a casino game of complete luck and there is absolutely no skill involved at all.

Despite all of these apparent advantages live casino gambling is not as popular as might be imagined and one of the reasons could be that so many Irish casino players have casino slots as their favourite game and of course there are no casino slots at live casino as slots do not require the intervention of a dealer. Other games which you may find at a live casino option are Casino Hold’em and at Ladbrokes casino there is Hi-Lo. Casino Hold’em is a sort of Texas Hold’em poker game but of course there are no other players and there is no bluffing or raising but the idea is still to form a five card poker hand that beats the dealer using two hole cards and five community cards. The dealer needs a qualifying hand in order for the raise bet to be valid which is generally a pair of fours but even if that is not the case, as long as you have placed a raise bet your ante will still be paid out at even money. Better hands get better odds at Casino Hold’em with a flush usually paying 2:1 and a full house 3:1. Although there is a dealer and you are playing against the house the game is still one of pure luck as there is no gambling between cards being dealt as there is in Texas Hold’em. In other words you place an ante bet and then if you wish a raise bet and all cards will be dealt at the same time.

Hi-Lo has got to be the simplest and one of the fastest casino gambling games of all and is a product of an old TV show called “Plat your Cards Right” which some older readers may remember. The basic game consists of trying to judge whether the next card is higher or lower than the one showing and the longer the sequence of cards that get correct the more you win. There have recently been more variations brought to the game which give more gambling options.