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Live casino gambling is not as popular as live sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2018-03-24 11:54:03

Many people do their sports gambling online but still thousands go to race meetings for the sole purpose of gambling in a live situation but the same cannot be said for casino gambling where more and more Irish casino players are playing at their online casino but very few go to a live casino, defined as being a place where there are people playing casino games. This is of course particularly difficult in Ireland but even in countries where real land based casinos are available most punters are visitors looking for a good night out with gambling as part of the entertainment. There are of course regular visitors who probably have pots of cash they can afford to lose. The gambling centre of Las Vegas is probably a classic example where visitors come from all over the world and the fact that one of the largest exhibition centres in the USA is located there is no coincidence. Whether people initially go for the gambling or the stage shows with top artists or the exhibitions it is almost certain that many will take in all three at some stage of their visit. Even the hotels in Las Vegas are a form of entertainment to say nothing of the wedding chapels. Las Vegas is rather unique in that most people go for a few days whereas in other countries the casinos tend to be an evening’s entertainment.

The fact that Irish casino players cannot easily get to a live casino is partially compensated by the fact that nearly all online casinos have what they call live casino as an option. Casino gambling at the online casino live casino option cannot compare with an actual live land based casino but it is a solution of sorts for some. Online casino gambling is a pretty lonely pastime for most players which to be fair is what most of those people want (do what you want when you want and where you want) and although you might go into a land based casino alone it is hard to ignore what other players are doing. Part of the fun of a live casino for some is watching other people and how they react to winning or losing but unfortunately none of this can be experienced at the live casino option of online casinos. There are really only two reasons why Irish casino players will choose the live casino option of an online casino rather than the RNG driven casino. Firstly is the ability to “chat” with the dealer which adds some human interaction and makes some players feel more comfortable and secondly is to avoid the random number generator. The “chat” factor is only applicable to some players as even at a proper live casino there are many who feel no need to talk to the croupier no matter how attractive they might be. In fact the croupiers themselves are more likely to want to chat and form some sort of relationship in the hope of getting a tip or two. This in itself is an interesting topic. Why do winning players sometimes give tips to dealers? The dealer has no effect on the outcome (at least it is hoped they don’t) and has yet to hear of a dealer who feels sorry for you if you lose and gives you some money back. There is an online casino that will though which is looked at later in this article.

The random number generator is another topic which is under continuous discussion in online gambling circles. Can they be trusted or not? The fairly short answer to that is yes if they are properly and regularly audited such as the online casinos listed at this site are. It is appreciated however that when losing at any casino gambling game players will look for a reason and the random number generator is an easy target. The fact that you are no more likely to win or lose at a properly regulated online casino than at any land based casino seems to get lost. One of the drawbacks of the live casino option at online casinos is the limited number of casino games which are available compared to the number available at the regular online casino. If you are a roulette player or a blackjack player this is irrelevant as those games are available at both but if on the other hand you prefer casino slots then the live casino has nothing to offer as there are no slots at the live casino option. It seems that generally speaking the live casino option of online casinos is a useful addition for a minority only but if it is offered and you like the sound of it then give it a go.

The subject of dealers giving money back when you lose was briefly touched on and mention was made of an online casino where this happens. This might seem surprising but it is nevertheless true at the online casino called No Bonus Casino. As you might guess from the name of this casino there are no casino bonuses on offer for new players or for any other players for that matter but there is cash back if you lose. The terms and conditions should be read but in essence what happens is that if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and manage to lose the whole deposit by playing any of the casino games on site then the very next day the casino will refund 10% in cash. This is not a gimmick to attract new players as the offer is there for all players on every deposit made into your account and what is possibly even better is that the cash which has been returned is placed directly into your playing account rather than any form of bonus account where you need to wager it some more before it becomes accessible. The cash back in your playing account is yours to do with as you want which can include taking it from the account.