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Live casino gambling is an option that Irish casino players enjoy

By mr-gambling on 2018-10-02 16:43:20

Most people enjoy having a little bet every now and then and many make it part of their daily lives and that is not a problem as long as it is kept within the realms of affordability. Online gambling has made life a lot easier as you can now use your PC at home or most mobile devices to place your bets rather than make a trip to the local bookmaker. This has at the same time attracted a lot of new customers who are willing to take part in gambling online but who would otherwise not be gambling at all as they have no wish to visit a bookmakers shop. Bookmakers shops have come on leaps and bounds in recent years but there are still many people (ladies in particular) who refuse to enter due to feeling uncomfortable. It is interesting, however, that actual casinos do not carry the same stigma and ladies would be very willing to take part if Ireland had such a thing but the best we can do is the live casino option at online casinos and there is plenty of choice. Ladies have definitely embraced the idea of casino gambling in general and an online casino is the perfect place to enjoy a little flutter whether that is at the live casino option or regular RNG casino play. There is a theory that ladies only play Bingo online but that is not true and some of the casino slots at online casinos are very popular.

The live casino option at online casinos unfortunately doesn’t have casino slots as they are gambling games that do not require a dealer and the whole idea of live casino is to replace the random number generator (RNG) with a person. You will therefore find only casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat and the like and although there are many ladies who enjoy these gambling games the preference is for casino slots. Online gambling has brought casino slots to a new level from the original games and they are getting more and more complicated as time goes on. It is quite hard to actually find casino slots that are relatively simple and easy to follow but if you are looking for something like that then would recommend you to take a look at where in addition to the regular complicated casino slots they also have slots from the casino software company Amanet. You can find several of their casino slots under the heading of slots, as opposed to video slots, and the ones to look for are slots such as Hot Seven™ or All Ways Fruits™. Hot Seven™ uses only fruit symbols and sevens and although there are five reels there are only five winning lines, three of which are straight lines from left to right. The other two are simple zig-zags which are easy to learn. All Ways Fruits takes a slightly different approach but still uses the same fruit and sevens symbols but has something like 245 winning possibilities. This sounds horrendously complicated but in actual fact it is a very easy slot to follow. The winning symbols can be anywhere on the reels and all that is needed is for them to be from left to right. For example if matching symbols are anywhere on reels 1,2 and 3 it is a win but if there is also a matching symbol on reel  5 it does not count towards the win unless there is also a matching symbol on reel 4.

Getting back to live casino which is an option at virtually every online casino, the games, as stated, are somewhat restricted but the main reason for playing at the live casino seems to the mistrust of the RNGs in use at the regular online casino. cannot speak for every online casino out there but the ones listed on the site have very regular checks done to ensure that the results are indeed random so there is no need to doubt the results. It is however easy to understand why some people feel they are rigged especially when on a losing streak. Everyone who takes part in online casino gambling has winning streaks and losing streaks as that is the nature of casino gambling. When losing there are folk who have to blame something and the RNG is an easy target but the same RNG is never a problem when winning. The point to remember is that the online casino has absolutely no need to tamper with an RNG even if they could as there is a house margin in every game which will guarantee that over sufficient time the casino will be in profit. The live casino option is nothing more than a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary roulette and card tables and most importantly cameras which can stream pictures to your PC or mobile device. The rooms can be anywhere are mostly usually located in Eastern Europe although there are exceptions such as at All Irish Casino where the live casino is located in the building of a  actual casino in Malta. Clearly the pictures are not streamed fro the actual casino floor as that would upset many of the clients, so it is still a separate room but at least there is a better chance of getting professionally trained croupiers who know what they are doing.

Gambling online has all these features and more and more casino slots are being added all the time. Sports gambling online has also enabled more and more sports to be added and more and more features such as in play gambling but the very large majority of folk still stick to horse and dog racing and of course football. Online casino gambling however still keeps expanding but even there the popular games remain the same. They are Roulette, Blackjack and casino slots but more and more people are learning about other casino game such as Baccarat and Craps so they too are becoming quite well played.