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Live casino addresses some online gambling concerns but not all

By mr-gambling on 2017-04-27 13:10:06

There really is not much changing in the online gambling world except in the area of sports gambling where companies have introduced various apps for mobile devices which enable things like cash out or changing your accumulator while matches are in progress but when it comes to online casino gambling probably the most recent innovation was the introduction of the so called live casino option. This is not however a recent innovation as it has been around for a number of years and it is thought the reasoning behind it was twofold. Gambling online at an online casino is a pretty lonely thing to do which many people like but others thought they missed the atmosphere of an actual land based casino. There is no doubt that land based casinos can have an atmosphere of excitement and it is possible to get enjoyment from somebody else winning but better of course if it is you. There are even some who get sadistic enjoyment from seeing somebody lose as long as it is not yourself of course. The introduction of the live casino option only partly addresses this as although there is a live dealer it is not possible to see what other players are doing.

Live casino, for those who are unaware, is a system whereby a room is established and fitted out with card tables and roulette wheels and is staffed by actual live people who are spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards. There are a number of cameras at strategic points which transmit the live pictures to your computer or other device so that you can see in real time what is happening. The rooms can of course be anywhere and more often than not appear to be located in Eastern Europe. Few of the online casinos actually say where their live casino is being streamed from so this is only an educated guess based on the names and appearance of the dealers involved. There are a couple of exceptions to this such as the Irish casino specialist All Irish Casino or Freespins Casino where in both cases the live casino is located on the premises of an actual casino on the island of Malta. Even there however the cameras are not on the actual casino floor as most if not all people engaged in casino gambling would not appreciate their faces being shown across the globe. It is a little bit strange that even though casino players are happy to be amongst others when they are gambling it still remains a very personal affair which can also explain why in some of the more famous casinos around the world there are often special tables set apart from the rest for high rollers. It seems high rollers are often some of the most secretive of casino gamblers.

The second reason for establishing live casino was to do away with the often mistrusted random number generators which are used in all online casinos to determine the next number on the roulette wheel or the next card to be dealt or indeed what comes next on a casino slot. Random number generators or RNGs as they are more often called have been around for a number of years and are basically computer programmes designed to be completely random. Good online casinos such as those listed at have their RNGs tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are indeed random thus ensuring fair games. Despite this there will always be those who despite enjoying casino gambling have a total mistrust and are convinced that the RNG is far from random but biased against the player. is no computer expert but assumes that it must be possible to perform modifications to an RNG to bias the casino games even more in favour of the casino which is why it is important to use a recognised online casino such as any of those listed at site. The online casino always has an edge anyway so there is no need to rig anything but when on a losing streak it is easy to understand why the RNG can come under scrutiny. When winning it is of course never a problem.

The live casino does do away with the RNG and is one of the reasons why some Irish casino players prefer this option. One of the drawbacks of live casino however is the limited number of casino games which are available. Generally speaking roulette and blackjack are available everywhere but after that different live casino options have different offerings. Some will offer Baccarat or Punto Banco which is the same game while others include Casino Hold’em or Caribbean Stud which are similar but not the same. You may even come across Hi-Lo but this is quite unusual. You will not find casino games such as Craps or similar which involve audience participation as there is no audience and the greatest miss is of course casino slots. There are many casino slots enthusiasts but as no dealer interaction is needed there are no slots at the live casino. The normal online casino has plenty of casino slots but then you are back to being subject to the RNG.

If you are a really high roller then it is possible that stakes at the live casino are higher than at the regular online casino with blackjack often available for stakes of €5000 and roulette even higher at €75000. For the more moderate casino gambler the live casino option can often have a higher minimum than the regular online casino so for example the minimum stake at roulette at the live casino is often €1 whereas at the regular online casino it is usually possible to find a roulette game for stakes of €0.50 or even €0.10 per chip. Similarly stakes at blackjack are often a minimum of €5 at the live casino option but only €1 at the online casino. The live casino option does not seem to be used as much as maybe the original idea anticipated but at least it is there as an additional option.