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Ladbrokes sports offers a complete range of sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2011-08-28 15:01:41

The most popular form of gambling in Ireland is sports gambling although it must be said that online casino gambling is taking a firm foothold but if you are into both forms of gambling then you want a bookmaker that offers sports gambling, casino gambling and probably other forms of gambling such as Bingo or even Poker and one such bookmakers is Ladbrokes sports. Sports gambling is the origin of Ladbrokes sports and although the company has dabbled in hotels and even at one stage ran a few land based casinos they have always maintained the roots of sports gambling. Today Ladbrokes sports has one of the best ranges of sports gambling around whether that be online sports gambling or in the many betting shops scattered around our towns and cities but in actual fact it is the online sports gambling at Ladbrokes which gives the widest choice and easiest access to sports gambling. The range of sports on which you can gamble is just enormous and we cannot begin to describe them all here but as most Irish sports gamblers stick to the better known sports and we include our own GAA in that we can easily state that Ladbrokes sports gambling will cater for your needs. Not only does Ladbrokes sports carry all the normal bets such as who wins at football but you can find a range of different bets about goal scorers, half time/full time results, number of cards, time of goals etc. Ladbrokes sports covers all the major horse and dog racing tracks and what separates Ladbrokes sports from many other online gambling sites is the very good information database that should help you in placing your bets. This is all complemented of course by an excellent “in play” gambling facility whereby you can place bets after the event has started which can be particularly attractive in sports such as football or tennis. If you like sports gambling then Ladbrokes sports is the place for you.