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Red Dog is one of the simplest casino games

By mr-gambling on 2015-04-22 13:54:14

Online gambling, as we know, comes in many forms and each one appeals to different people with those wanting to exercise their knowledge going for sports gambling whilst others prefer to rely completely on luck with certain online casino games. Some online casino gambling games such as Blackjack require a bit of knowledge to be able to play successfully but there are others where luck plays a major part such as Red Dog. Gambling on Red Dog which is also known in some circles as “In-between” only involves three cards with the first two being dealt face up and it is then simply a question of gambling whether the next card will be between the first two, there could not be a simpler gambling game. Whether you bet or not depends clearly depends on the first two cards that are dealt with the number of cards that fit being called the spread so a spread of one for example is high risk but to compensate the odds which are paid are also much higher for a lower spread. The best hand is clearly an Ace and a two which has a spread of eleven and that pays at even money. At the opposite end of the spectrum in Red Dog gambling you may receive two cards which are consecutive such as a ten and a jack which means the spread is zero but in this case there is simple a re deal. Another possible combination in Red Dog is to receive a pair in your first two cards which is actually quite a good hand as a third card will be dealt immediately and if that card makes three of a kind you get paid at 11:1 but if not there is a re deal so there is nothing to lose. Gambling on Red Dog is fast and furious but can be great fun.