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Keno is an increasingly popular form of gambling on numbers

By mr-gambling on 2012-12-08 12:38:27

Throughout our history gambling has played an important part in our leisure time, and our love of gambling is part of the human make-up. Nowadays the opportunities for us to satisfy this human instinct appear to be increasing all the time, particularly online where we can now do our sports gambling and casino gambling from our own homes, often on the same online gambling website. Online casino gambling in particular has increased our gambling opportunities beyond recognition. The range of online casino games is huge and now even includes games such as Bingo and various forms of the lotteries. There are also several new numbers games available for online gambling enthusiasts, one of which is called Keno, and is really taking off. Keno gambling requires the player to select up to twenty numbers from 1 to 80, with the winnings depend on the number of correct selections and the number of selections made. The attraction of Keno, apart from the fact that it is very easy to play, is that the Keno gambler can effectively choose the odds they wish to play for by reducing the number of selections they make. For example, if a player selects 20 numbers and matches 5 the winnings will be less than it would be if they matched 5 numbers from 10. The winnings in Keno accurately reflect the odds of matching the numbers. It sounds complicated but the online casinos make it very easy by clearly showing how the odds are changing as the Keno gambler increases their selections. It has to be said that gambling on Keno has many of the features that make gambling on roulette so popular in terms of the gambler’s ability to choose the odds, and Keno also cashes in on our love of numbers games such as Bingo and the lotteries. It’s great fun and well worth a try.