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Keno gambling lets you choose the odds

By mr-gambling on 2012-04-12 10:24:06

One of the most basic and popular forms of gambling in Ireland is clearly the lottery, in which gamblers are asked to select a series of numbers from a grid, and the subsequent pay-out depends on how many of those numbers are drawn. This principle also applies to bingo, which is again high on the list of gambling activities among the Irish population. Most online casinos also offer forms of the lottery and bingo on their casino gambling sites, but many also provide another pure numbers gambling game called Keno. The casino game of Keno is not new, and in fact dates back a very long time in China, but was little known over here until introduced by the online casinos. Keno is another gambling game relying on pure luck and uses numbers generated by a Random Number Generator to determine the winners. The difference between gambling on the lottery or filling in a bingo card, and gambling on Keno is that the player can choose how many numbers to select and therefore control the winning odds much as you can in roulette. We have described in detail how the player can select their degree of risk and the winning odds in Keno gambling on our casino games pages, but here is a brief summary. Keno gambling requires that the player select up to twenty numbers from a possible eighty, and the winnings then simply depend on how many of those numbers match the twenty numbers drawn. The winning odds in Keno gambling however do vary depending on how many numbers were selected. For instance, ten winning numbers from just fifteen selections will pay more than ten winning numbers from twenty selections. The winning odds clearly reflect the chances of matching any of the numbers drawn, and the more selections you make the greater the chance of a match and the less the pay-out odds. The odds paid out on Keno gambling can sound complicated, but the online casino Keno graphics clearly show the odds changing as you make your selections and it is therefore easy to decide how much risk you want to take. If you like gambling on numbers, Keno online could prove to be your favourite casino game.