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Keno gambling is similar to Bingo

By mr-gambling on 2015-07-27 10:40:08

There is no doubt that access to the internet is now almost an essential part of modern day living. Many of us rely on the internet for shopping, banking and even to keep in touch with friends and family, but the internet is also becoming a major part of our leisure time particularly for those of us who enjoy playing gambling games. The first form of gambling available online was sports gambling, but the online gambling operators quickly moved to introducing casino gambling on their sites and in doing so attracted a whole new online gambling customer base. Online casino gambling has a wide mix of enthusiasts, ranging from experienced casino gambling games players to fans of the slots gambling games, but also including Bingo fans. In fact Bingo in various forms is rapidly becoming one of the most popular online gambling games, to such an extent that the online casino gambling sites have introduced new versions of Bingo one of which is Keno. Keno gambling is a cross between Bingo and the Lottery in which the players are required to select up to twenty numbers between 1 and 80. The online casino RNG will then also select twenty numbers randomly and the more of these the player has matched the more they win. An added attraction of Keno gambling is that the player can choose to select less than twenty numbers which then means that each number matched pays out more. Clearly the odds of matching five numbers from twenty are higher than matching five numbers from ten, so the pay-out per number increases accordingly. It sounds a little complicated but when you start gambling on Keno you will see that the Keno graphics clearly show how the winning odds are changing as you make more selections, so it is easy to choose what sort of risk you want to take and what odds you want to play for. It’s great fun why not log on and have a go.