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Irish sports gambling fans also follow minor sports

By mr-gambling on 2015-03-15 12:16:09

The Cheltenham Festival is over for another year and Irish horse race gambling fans have returned home, some no doubt in profit whilst others may be licking their wounds. Either way Irish sports gambling fans will now turn their attention to other areas. One of the fascinating aspects of sports gambling is how popular or otherwise particular sports are when it comes to gambling. Normally one would assume that our focus would be on sports in which our country is successful, and our fascination with gambling on horse racing appears to bear that out, but what about the second biggest sports gambling activity in Ireland, namely football. Most of our football gambling seems to be concentrated on the English Premier League rather than our home leagues, and many of us also follow a variety of other sports for which we as a nation are not particularly well known. Tennis for example cannot be said to be a major sport in Ireland, yet many of us enjoy gambling on tennis and a number of other sports also attract our attention in terms of gambling. Ardent tennis gambling fans have witnessed an unusual situation over recent years with not just one dominant player but four sharing the spoils in almost all the major tournaments, and this has meant that picking a winner has been more difficult than it was in the days of Pete Sampras or Roger Federer in his early years. Many tennis gambling fans however think that the dominance of those four players is about to come to an end, with both Federer and Nadal appearing to be struggling to maintain their form. Sports gambling fans who enjoy gambling on tennis will be looking for some new stars to emerge and hoping to take advantage of some good odds.