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Irish golfers are now a good bet for the Majors

By mr-gambling on 2012-02-18 12:25:38

The gambling community in Ireland has always been as keen as any other country to support and back their own, particularly when it comes to sports gambling. The mass exodus to Cheltenham every year to follow Irish horses is a clear indication of that desire. Whether it is horse racing, football or rugby, the Irish sports gambling fans have always been prepared to gamble on a home victory. Recently however, another sport has emerged as a potential sports gambling opportunity for Irish sports fans, namely golf. It has been a very long time since Ireland had a Major winner in the game of golf before our recent successes, in fact not since Fred Daly won the Open in 1947. Suddenly the island of Ireland has four current golfers who have won a magnificent six Majors between them in recent years, and all of them are still playing at the highest level with every chance of adding to that tally. Gambling on golf has suddenly become a magnificent opportunity to follow Irish players with a more than realistic chance of success. Padraig Harrington started this run of success and now has two Open Championships and a PGA win to his credit. Graham McDowell and Rory McIlroy have both won the US Open and Darren Clarke’s victory in the Open last year was probably one of the most popular wins in recent times. It has to be said that golf gambling is not one of the biggest sports gambling activities in Ireland, but with so many top Irish golfers currently competing for the Major championships we may yet see a surge in interest in gambling on golf. If you’re looking for a sport where Irish competitors are at the top of the world rankings, golf is now high on the list of sports gambling options.