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By mr-gambling on 2015-08-06 15:19:04

Online gambling is vast field of entertainment and probably nowhere more so than in Ireland but Irish gambling is centred predominately around sports gambling and casino gambling with poker gambling being possibly third in numbers taking part and it is in these fields that tends to concentrate. The new soccer season will soon be upon us which brings a host of gambling opportunities as the English Premiership is very popular and at the start of the season especially there are bound to be a few surprises. Online sports gambling can be done at a number of places but recommends that you choose either Paddy Power, Ladbrokes or 888 sport which can be accessed directly from this site and are known to offer a great selection of sports gambling in a safe and secure environment. For casino gambling there are different recommendations from which include three of the smaller online casinos but each of which operates very good casino software including casino games from NetEnt as well as Amatic. Amatic has recently come to the attention of with some very simple casino slots using old fashioned fruit symbols. This may not appeal to everybody but the simplicity does seem popular to many online casino players as they can easily follow what is going on. Part of what does is to keep their eyes open for any new developments in online gambling and these three online casinos listed not only provide an excellent choice of casino games but there is also a choice of accepting a casino bonus for new players only or in the case of No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino either cash back or casino slots free spins  for all players. The choice is of course yours but cash back on losses or free spins on every deposit somehow seems more attractive than a one off joining bonus.