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If you enjoy Bingo you’ll love Keno gambling online

By mr-gambling on 2013-08-05 09:54:48

Every time one of our leading bookmakers issues a trading update one common factor is the continuing rise in popularity of online gambling. It is a feature of the current gambling scene that many more of us are gambling online rather than through the traditional betting shops, a trend which applies to both sports gambling and to an even greater extent to casino gambling. Online casino gambling is of course a relatively new gambling activity for many of us, and is undoubtedly the primary growth opportunity for the online gambling site operators to attract new customers. By including gambling games such as Bingo and Lotteries in their casino games ranges, the online gambling companies have capitalised on our familiarity with these simple numbers games to encourage us to gamble online, and have even introduced a variety of alternative numbers games such as the increasingly popular Keno. For those of you who have not yet tried gambling on Keno, the best description of Keno we can think of is that it is a cross between Bingo and the Lottery. Keno players are asked to select up to twenty numbers from 1 to 80, after which twenty winning numbers are randomly produced by a random Number Generator and winnings depend on the number of matching numbers selected by the Keno player. Keno gambling also allows the player to improve the winning odds by choosing to select less than twenty numbers at the start of each game. For example the statistical chances of matching ten numbers from fifteen selections is less than ten from twenty, so the pay-out for ten from fifteen is higher. It sounds complicated but the online Keno graphics clearly show how the potential winning odds are changing as the players increase the number of selections they make. Keno gambling is great fun and requires no skill or experience to play, so if you enjoy a game of Bingo there’s a fair chance you’ll enjoy gambling on Keno.