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If you enjoy bingo you’ll love gambling on Keno

By mr-gambling on 2015-02-17 11:22:35

In much the same way as the high street retailing sector has been affected by the growth of internet shopping, the gambling industry is having to come to terms with the increasing popularity of online gambling. Anyone who has a computer, tablet or i-phone now has instant access to a range of online sports gambling and casino gambling sites whenever they wish. This has inevitably effected the high street betting shop, and although the bingo clubs were already suffering as a result of the smoking ban clearly the availability of bingo gambling online has also had an effect. There is no doubt that the game of bingo itself is still as popular as ever and all the major online casino gambling sites feature a variety games for bingo fans to enjoy gambling on bingo. There are also some interesting new games developed along the same lines as bingo, one of which is Keno. If you have never come across this numbers gambling game we have detailed the rules on our specific gambling games pages, but gambling on Keno is similar to bingo but also offers the player the chance to select the degree of risk they want to take. Each Keno player first selects up to twenty numbers from 1 to 80 from which they hope to match as many as possible with twenty numbers randomly produced by the casino gambling site’s RNG. The more numbers they match the more they win, but Keno players can also change the pay-out per winning number by selecting less than twenty numbers. For example if the player chooses to select just ten numbers, the chances of matching say five of those numbers is significantly less than matching five from twenty so the pay-out per number is increased accordingly. Fortunately the online casino graphics make the choice easier than it may look by indicating how the winning odds are changing as each additional number is chosen. Keno gambling is great fun why not give it a try.