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By mr-gambling on 2014-07-01 16:21:34

Here we are right in the middle of the World Cup and all the online gambling providers are complaining because England were knocked out at the group stages meaning less sports gambling than would otherwise have been the case but as far as Irish online gambling is concerned it probably does not make too much difference. It is however events such as this that encourage people to register for an online gambling site especially when some of the games have started at 11:00 at night and for those that are new to online gambling help is available at to choose an appropriate online gambling site. was set up especially for Irish gamblers to sort out and recommend those gambling sites where the Irish punter will be safe and where if you win you will get paid. What has found is that there are many forms of online gambling ranging from sports gambling through online casino gambling and of course online poker and they are all quite different and require different software to make them enjoyable. But what is also of interest is that in the opinion of there are few if any online gambling sites that can claim to be the best in every aspect of online gambling which is why has taken the trouble to separate the recommendations for those aspects of online gambling so for example simply because one online gambling provider may have an excellent sports gambling site it does not mean that their online casino site is also one of the best. It is also true that some online casino sites such as All Irish Casino are specialists and do not have any form of sports gambling at all but what they do offer is very good indeed. operates no form of online gambling itself leaving it free to form an unbiased opinion so you could do worse than follow one of the recommendations of this site.