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By mr-gambling on 2015-11-04 11:53:08

Although many would argue that Ireland is generally speaking a country which loves gambling, particularly where gambling on horse racing is concerned, there are of course also a lot of people who do not think of themselves as gamblers at all. It is certainly true that many people are not interested in sports gambling whatever the sport, but what about the lottery and scratch cards. How many of those people who do not get involved in gambling on sport regularly buy lottery tickets or scratch cards. The sale of scratch cards in particular has increased substantially since they were introduced and became widely available in newsagents and supermarkets, and there is little doubt that more people are now gambling on scratch cards than gambling on horse racing. The popularity of scratch card gambling has also been noticed by the online casino gambling site operators, and almost all of them have included a variety of scratch card gambling games on their sites. The advantage of gambling on scratch cards at an online casino gambling site is that whilst the cost of purchasing a scratch card on the high street has increased substantially, it is still possible to enjoy gambling on scratch cards online for as little as 0.1 euros on most online casino gambling sites. You can of course enjoy scratch card gambling for bigger stakes if you wish, and Party casino even offer a scratch card gambling game which offers scratch cards at $500 a time. This particular scratch card gambling game is probably well beyond the range of most of us, but most online casino gambling sites offer scratch card games at a variety of prices to suit every pocket. If you enjoy gambling on scratch cards because of the instant results they provide, why not try one of the scratch card gambling games offered by the online casino gambling sites.