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Good news for football gambling fans

By mr-gambling on 2011-11-26 11:29:00

Sports gambling fans in Ireland and the UK appear to be having a successful season, particularly in the football gambling arena. Last weekend again saw football results across Europe go in favour of the football gambling punter, with very few draws and almost no unusual results in the Premier League, or in fact in any of the major leagues in Scotland, Italy, Spain or France. It is estimated that last weekend alone could have cost William Hill and Ladbrokes as much as £8 million in total, and the season as a whole so far has been kind to punters gambling on European football. Last weekend also saw LA Galaxy win the Major League Soccer Cup final in America, and with David Beckham involved they were heavily backed on this side of the Atlantic adding to the bookmaker’s woes. Both William Hill and Ladbrokes have just six weeks to go before the end of their respective financial year’s, and have seen their share prices fall on the back of what are expected to be substantial recent football gambling losses, which they have little time to turn round before the end of the year. These two bookmakers will of course not be the only ones to suffer from what appear to be an unusual run of football results, and we would assume that punters gambling on football with all the leading bookmakers in the sports gambling field will be ahead of the game at this stage of the season. It is often said that bookmakers cannot lose, but reports like this do illustrate that the gambling industry can be a risky business for both bookmakers and their customers alike, particularly when it comes to the sports gambling area of the business. If you are a sports gambler in the black, let’s hope results continue to be kind.